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About Our Clients

Exceptional Customer Service with GDS

We are proud to provide outstanding service to clients from many industries. One thing they have in common is a partner committed to their success. That partner is GDS. For over 21 years, we have helped our clients become more efficient and profitable through a variety of services geared to improve their bottom line.

Trust us to give you the same level of excellence our clients enjoy. Trust us to be you partner in success.

Industries Served:

  • Professional Services
  • Graphics
  • Financial Institutions
  • Publishing
  • Legal Services
  • Printing
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Consultants and Services
  • Software
  • Medical Home Care
  • Electronic Services
  • Parts Deliveries
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Spare Parts Deliveries
  • Laboratory Samples
  • Real Estate Rush Delivery